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Write For Lucid Practice

We recently opened up our platform for writers across the world.

If you’d like to write for Lucid Practice, here are guidelines:

  • Content: Positive. Uplifting. Loving. Inspiring. Informative. Contemplative. Actionable. Get the point? For wellness, this is often a personal hygiene technique or a post explaining the benefits of certain foods or supplements. For travel, this is often a personal story (inspiring, funny, revealing) or a recap of a destination you’ve been to. For yoga, you can write about the benefits of your personal practice or the benefits of yogic philosophy and/or individual yoga postures.
    • We also focus on mindfulness, life long learning, helping others, DIY beauty products, spirituality, religion, consciousness, vegetarian/vegan recipes, tea, art, adventure, sustainability, music, helping our planet.
  • Word count: The minimum is 300 words. Please keep all posts below 1250 words.
  • Original Content: All work must be your own original content. After your submission, we will check to see if any of the content is posted elsewhere on the web. Please do not submit anything that is posted elsewhere (not even on your personal blog) After we publish your post, please do not post the content elsewhere (including on your own blog).
  • Sharing your link: We ask that you share a link to your Lucid Practice blog post vis your social networks, email, and your blog/site. The more people who view your post, the better is it for you and the better it is for Lucid Practice. The more viewers your post gets, the more prominently we will feature you on Lucid Practice.
  • Other general guidelines: Please do not promote a message of negativity or gimmicky fad diet information. If you use negative energy in your writings, we simply will not publish your piece.
  • Submission: Please submit your post to write@lucidpractice.com in standard font & size, preferably as a Microsoft Word attachment. Include a headshot photo along with  a brief (75 words or less) bio and links to your blog/site, and your social media accounts.
  • Response Time: We will notify you within 7 days as to whether or not we have accepted your post. If we do not accept your post, we will offer suggestions as to how you can change it in order to be accepted.
  • Acceptance: Your compensation is not financial in nature. With that being said, you do get access to our readers and the feeling of satisfaction of sharing positive energy with thousands of readers around the world. Please do share a brief (75 words or less) bio along with links to your blog/site, and your social media accounts so that our community can connect with you. This bio will be featured at the end of your post.

Tips for Writing Posts on Lucid Practice

1. Use great titles…. Sometimes the title is as important as the content. 

If your title is not inspiring, it likely won’t get clicked, leaving your amazing message unread. Our readers tend to like lists i.e. (5 Ways to Travel South America on a Budget). Embrace the power of first impressions.

2. Spacing

In most cases, each paragraph should consist of no more than four sentences.

3. Action Oriented

Successful pieces usually incorporate actionable tips that readers can implement immediately with ease.

4. Thought Provoking

We’re all about building a community. By asking questions at the end of your post, you provoke conversation and connection.

5. Brevity

Make your message concise, avoid redundancy.

Reasons to Write for Lucid Practice

1. Connect with and Inspire Thousands:

The Lucid Practice Community is exploding in terms of size and impact. Share your wellness, yoga, or travel message and be heard by thousands. Our readers are very engaged enabling you to create meaningful conversation around each post you write.

2. You’ll reach a global audience.

Lucid Practice has over 16.5k subscribers. Our readers come from all over the world. Big cities, small villages, you name it, we have readers and community members from every continent. Once your post is published on Lucid Practice, we’ll work hard to ensure that our readers and social media subscribers find it.

Please submit your posts to write@lucidpractice.com

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