About LP

Lucid Practice is a website that offers information on yoga, travel and wellness among many other topics. Our community strives to live more lucid, healthy lives by incorporating the principles of practice into daily life. Our website tries to present material that is rooted in love and positive energy.

Why Lucid Practice?

We write to share our learning experiences with the world. If just one person reads our blog and is better because of it, our blog has served it’s purpose.

After backpacking Asia together for 3+ months upon graduating from college we found ourselves constantly sharing inspiration and information with each other via daily emails. The traveling experience was transformative and was punctuated by a yoga retreat in Thailand.

We hope that sharing this information with others could have a positive impact on the world. In addition to informative links to websites, articles, quotes, photographs, and videos, you’ll find posts about our opinions and experiences in life. Hopefully you will find LP useful to living a more loving, conscious, healthy, lucid life.