Who We Are, What We Believe

Paz Brian Pai Thailand Lucid Practice

Brian (left) and Paz (right) traveling in Pai, Thailand

About Brian Levine

I’ve had the good fortune of being surrounded by amazing people since the day I was born. My family and friends are my life.

I hope* to be a patient, loving person who asks a lot of questions. I hope to be open and to continue to learn everyday.

My goals are to keep life simple and stay present within the precious moments we have in this life.

One love always.


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About Paz Romano

Most of my life was focused on being a good friend and being the best teammate I could be. From the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed, most of my decisions were framed by the simple question: “Will this make me a better football player?”

When my football career was over, the next couple years were filled with welcomed uncertainty and learning.

Along the way, with guidance from friends, mentors, yoga, family, and God, I know that I’m here to create.

I want to create and share goodness and love with the world and this blog is a small piece of that.

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, yoga, helping others, and learning.

Lucid Practice Danners

Danners Planting Organic Kale

About Danners

Yoga and meditation became part of my life 2 years ago.  Little did I know, at that point I would embark on a new journey of natural health and well+being.  My Ashtanga practise and mindfulness meditation inspire me as an artist, musician, gardener, traveler, and life long learner.

I am eternally grateful for my loving family and friends.  My creativity stems in part from my 94 year old grandmother who was a professional ceramicist for over 50 years.  Ceramics, photography, and card+making are currently in the forefront of my artistic pursuits.

I am passionate about sharing my insights of my daily practice including posts on yoga, art, health, alternative DIY beauty solutions, gardening, and fun vegan recipes.  In March 2014 follow me as I embark on a 100 day Southeast Asian journey!

Kate Reder Lucid Practice

Kate at the beach in Costa Rica

About Kate Reder

I’m a small town girl from Michigan. I love DIY projects, doing jigsaw puzzles with my sister, watching Harry Potter movies, and having a cocktail with my girlfriends. My passions are mountain biking (to the library or on the rail trail near my parents house only), jogging, laying on beaches, and singing country songs.

After spending the first twenty-some years of my life sans-passport, I’ve traveled to six countries in the past year and am looking forward to growing that number. I’m having a lot of fun blogging my experiences and am mostly enjoying interacting with our readers. Follow us as we explore South America!

Lucid Practice Beliefs

Love always, love often. This is the basis for a peaceful world and a good life.

Look out for and help other people that cannot help themselves.

Positive energy, every damn day.

+Value experiences, community, connection, and friendship over material possessions
+Positive impact is more important than personal net worth
+You can travel the world on a budget
+You (anyone) can reap benefits from a regular yoga practice (not just women, not just Hindus, etc.)
+“Less television, more reading” is a sound principle
+From less clutter comes more clarity and meaning
+Eating real food will make for a healthy life

Lucid Practice Goals

+Uplift and inspire readers
+Be an outlet that delivers only positive information
+Provide useful tips and guides on traveling the world on a budget (and how to make $ while doing so)
+Help beginners understand the fundamentals of yoga (not what you see in mainstream media)
+Provide experienced yoga practitioners with tips and stories to inspire more connection with their practice
+Expose readers to beautiful art and photography each day
+Help you live a more conscious, intentional, lucid life
+Inspire readers to appreciate the principles of minimalism
+Foster a community of people who seek to be inspired and make a positive impact on the world
+Give aspiring artists a platform to share their art and their stories