What is Lucid Practice?

What is Lucid Practice?

Lucid Practice is a website that features blog posts, photographs, and videos on yoga, international traveling, and wellness.

To be lucid is to be truly alive. When you are lucid, you’re fully engaged, fully conscious of your thoughts, your actions, your impact on others, and your connection with God and/or the Universe.

We feel more alive through lucid engagement in enriching activities such as international travel, yoga, helping others, eating enlivening foods, and creating art.

Lucid Practice Tim Brian Thailand

Brian and Paz of Lucid Practice in Thailand

Why Lucid Practice?

The more people who live life in the state of lucidity, consciousness, and presence, the better will be our world. How could one possibly commit an act of violence if he/she knows that we are all connected? Loving kindness is the true path.

Lucid Practice Community Mission

What does it mean to live a great life? How can we help each other to achieve this? Our mission is to inspire our readers to practice. The form of practice does not matter — the level of engagement and consciousness during the practice does.

Whether it be yoga, traveling, art, wellness, or dedicating life to helping others, the Lucid Practice Community is here for you, to inspire you during your journey. You can expect tips, stories, videos, music, and lessons on travel, yoga, spirituality, wellness, and art. Live life lucidly.

What You Can Expect

Positive energy. Zero negativity. There’s enough negativity, humor, sarcasm on the Internet, nightly news & television sitcoms. The world needs more positivity, more connection, more inspiration, more life. Every day, Lucid Practice community members can expect uplifting, inspirational stories, articles, and artwork created by amazing writers and bloggers across the world. Our community revolves around you, your willingness to comment, share, teach, and engage the Lucid Practice community.

Lucid Practice is a website that delivers original content and curated posts on yoga, travel and wellness. Our community strives to live more lucid, healthy lives by incorporating the principles of practice into daily life. Lucid Practice presents material that is rooted in love and positive energy.

How Lucid Practice Started

After backpacking Asia together for 3+ months upon graduating from college we found ourselves constantly sharing inspiration and information with each other via daily emails. The traveling experience was transformative and was punctuated by a yoga retreat in Thailand. We decided that others could benefit from tips and discussion on travel, yoga, wellness, art, and music.

In addition to original content, we will share useful articles, inspirational quotes, beautiful photographs, and videos to help you expand your practice. Hopefully you will find Lucid Practice useful to living a more loving, conscious, healthy, lucid life.

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