26 Jun

I Need God and Love

Everyday someone or something tells me “you need this” or “you need that.” I am guilty of getting caught up looking at flashy possessions thinking, “Wow, wouldn’t it be nice.”

Deep inside I know. I have been blessed enough to travel parts of this world. I know that almost half of the world lives off less than $2.50 a day. I know that thousands do not have what I “need.” If a doctor from Bangladesh doesn’t have that fancy tablet, why do I “need it?” Do I have an ego? He’s the one saving lives.

I know that material desires take away desire for Love. They take away a desire to meet and understand Him.

Looking back on life, I don’t remember many of the possessions. Granted some events I attended were great to attend. Some of the “things” were great to own. What I really remember is time spent with family and friends. The people that surrounded those events and possessions. Whether it was holidays, athletic games, chillin around the house, or chillin at school, my mind remembers Love.


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