11 Jun

Meditation is a Lucid Practice

One of the better feelings one can come across is “pure meditation.” The closest I get to “pure meditation” is during savasana at the end of a yoga practice. Letting go of everything and being one with world is an awesome feeling.

Over time, I know meditation will aid in destroying ignorance, hate, and greed. From the practice, a great path emerges.


Many including myself at times have been led to believe that happiness can come from worldly fulfillments.  When you are one with yourself, what job or material possession really matters?

When I get up from meditation, I see what really matters: the eternal gift of life. Nature starts to speak to me. Little things that I take for granted fill themselves up with beauty.  I begin to see God in a lot of different places. I begin to see Love and Truth.

Do you have similar realizations during meditation and/or savasana?


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