27 Sep

Musk, Branson, “star” in new Khan Academy classes

A big theme of this LP week has been learning. We have pushed our minds to learn more and more about “material.” It’s interesting trying to balance an Eckhart Tolle approach of Presence, and disconnecting our minds from a “physical, material” world, with “turning on” our minds and pushing ourselves to learn more of what we interpret to be knowledge.

Personally, I like to take in flow from around the world and be present about it. Not judge it, but just think about it, and maybe “learn” from it.

One of my favorite platforms I have “learned” on is Khan Academy. I was able to watch lots and lots of videos in Sal Khan’s finance and capital markets section. I felt like I walked away with a lot of material on finance, accounting, and trading. It was a cool experience.

I loved when I saw that Sal is moving away from a model of giving lessons himself, to a model of bringing in “star” people to teach lessons and learn from. I hope this continues. EdX is also in the process of mastering this model. They are scouring college universities to find the “best of the best” lectures on specific topics.

Our world will benefit from this. I like that we are going to have an opportunity on KhanAcademy and other platforms to learn about how people approach their lives, businesses, etc. With business as an example,¬†small insights into the mind of some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurial thinkers can be invaluable to others building businesses today and into the future.

Enjoy the feature. For the third time this week we get to listen to Elon Musk.



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