18 Nov

Top 5 Places to Relax in Southeast Asia

1.Pai, Thailand

‘Come to Pai and see the…..hmmmmm’. There isn’t much to see and do in Pai but that’s the point. Pai has that special something that will make you stay for much longer than you expected. Located in the hills north west of Chiang Mai, Pai is a hippy town and everywhere you go you will see ‘I love pai’ signs. The centre of the town is full of bars, cafes and tourist shops selling handmade craft, art and all kinds of souvenirs. You can spend all day in the town doing nothing but reading in cafe’s drinking herbal tea and eating home made cakes. If you do want to explore, the hot springs, the memorial bridge and the Pai Canyon are all short motorbike journeys away. Pai also has some of the best street food in the whole of Thailand. We love Pai!

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Pai was also one of our favorite places to visit in Thailand. The simplicity was amasing. Great hostel rooms cost us $2 USD. Food was cheap. Beer was cheap. Many waterfalls. Lots of elephants. I look forward to posting pictures and memories of that beautiful city.

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