17 Oct

Why a Yoga Practice is “Everything”


Yoga is wonderful. I have taught many different yoga courses and retreats and things like this, and I have seen people come pillar to post. People who have problems – emotional problems, psychological problems, whatever it may be – physical problems as well. People who have gone from therapist to therapist, psychologist to whatever it is. And they are always looking for someone else to help them. This is the beautiful thing about a yoga practice. Not just an agama practice but very much an agama practice as well. A yoga practice, it puts the honus on the individual for a level of self-responsibility.  And that instantly gives a level of self-empowerment. The honus is not on the teacher or the person passing the information through. You can teach the same information to a hundred people but it is what the actual individual does with that information – and that is the most empowering thing – it is the fact that they actually realize they have done something for themselves. It gains that level of self-love, self-respect, self-empowerment, self-responsibility, everything. And then ideally which is again that paradox of spirituality, self-transcendence….. eventually.

~Rory Trollen

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