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4 Ways to Have Positive Interactions with People

Positivity and Relationships

People often ask how they can bring positive energy into their lives.

The answer is that it begins with common interactions we all have on a daily basis.

Interacting & conversing with people without a conscious plan can lead to negative conversations that consist of complaints, insults, and overall negative energy.

So, how can we have positive interactions with people?

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4 Ways to Have Positive Interactions with People:

1. Start with a positive greeting.

We use greetings during every interaction we have (sometimes subconsciously). Choose positive greetings over neutral & negative ones.


Negative greetings: “This weather really sucks, huh?” Or “Hey what’s up, I don’t know about you but I feel like shit.” You’ve set the tone for the convo without even meaning to do so. Complete negativity will likely persist.

Neutral greetings: “What’s up?” “How are you?” I’m sure these greetings meant something at one point in time but now they’re overused. The “canned” greeting gets a “canned” response. “Not much, you?” Or “Good, you?”

Plus, the greeter has less control over the direction of the conversation which can allow for toxic negativity.

Positive greetings: “What’s the good word, my friend?” (This statement is likely more accessible to males.) Or Girls (and guys) can use: “What a beautiful day, we’re so blessed.”

Or you compliment the other person on a quality you admire about them. “Good to see you Brian, your smile always makes me feel at ease.” These greetings set the tone for the conversation & make it difficult for your counterpart to complain or bring negative energy to the interaction.

2. Set the tone by beginning the engagement with a genuine smile & hold the smile.

Make sure the other person sees that it’s not the customary phony smile — instead it’s a distinct smile — a differentiated smile — a smile that could only be generated by a lover of life.

As a result, your counterpart will most likely smile (since humans mirror each other) and the interaction will begin (and likely continue) in a positive light.

3. Don’t add negativity.

Refusing to say a negative word about anyone or any situation is like smothering a small candle w/ a gallon of water. This is passive resistance at it’s finest. This non action extinguishes the negativity immediately. for a more aggressive approach, try to change the subject to something positive.

Frank (negative energy): “I can’t stand Greg. He’s so selfish, boring, and ugly.”
Francois (positive energy): “Tell me about your night last night, it sounded like you and ______ were having such a great time at dinner.”

If Francois had continued to insult Greg, it would have been like throwing gasoline on a fire and nothing good would have come from the conversation. Instead he changed the subject to a positive topic.

4. Talk “Good” Behind Someone’s Back

We’ve all heard of “talking shit” behind someone’s back. One of my favorite practices (hopefully lucid) is flipping that around.

Scenario 1 (social norm, what usually happens):

Caroline: Emma is such a bitch. I can’t sand her

Steph: Yeah, you’re right. (Thinking to herself: Jeez I wonder what Caroline says about me behind my back.)

Scenario 2 (destroying the social norm, changing status quo of negativity/gossip):

Karolina: Emma is such a great friend. She’s so trustworthy & she’s always helping others. We’re all lucky to have her.

Steph: Yeah, you’re right. (Thinking to herself: It’s pretty cool that Karolina constantly uplifts everyone around her.)

Next time you have the opportunity to converse, how can you bring positive energy to the interaction?


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