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Amazing Michael Franti Concert in Minneapolis

Michael Franti Concert in Minneapolis

Danielle and I recently attended the Minneapolis Basilica Block Party and participated in a Michael Franti concert. It was an amazing show. In today’s world of quick tweets and Instagram photos, I’m writing this longer recap post to share this incredible experience with our readers.

I hadn’t heard of Michael Franti but Danielle loves his music and assured me that I would too.

From the very beginning of the set, Michael connected with us. His message was one of presence, positivity, peace, fun, oneness and unity among all humans regardless of race/religion/geographic location. Michael began by making a tribute to Minneapolis’ beautiful Basilica Church (a fitting location for this concert) and all the people who worship there and help others.

basilica church michael franti concert

The Basilica Church in Minneapolis looking smashing the night of the Block Party! 🙂

michael franti spearhead basilica block party

Michael Franti & Spearhead ready for the night!

Of course, the songs were amazing. However, even more unique/noteworthy was the conversation Michael had with the crowd in between songs. Michael talked about enjoying each moment, embracing and expressing who you are, loving all races, and treating everyone the same. In between songs, Michael spoke about not just tolerating diversity but embracing and celebrating it. He spoke about treating everyone the same regardless of whether they have two moms or two dads, etc.

As the show started, I quickly found out that you don’t listen to Michael’s music…. you are absorbed by it. He’s one of those artists that is amazing as a live performer…. probably because each lyric/note comes from an authentic, conscious individual who strives to be present in each moment. His music has the power to remove layers and barriers and reveal the love and peace that exists inside of all of us.

Danielle and I somehow managed to find a spot in to the middle of the fourth row (Danielle was consequentially able to get all the great photos in this post!), giving us an up close and personal view of the passion and positive energy that Michael brings in his performance.

michael franti singing

Michael Franti looking and sounding awesome up close!

When Michael took the stage, we could tell there was a special/different energy that he brought. He was certainly lucid throughout the show and he excelled in engaging with and connecting to the crowd.

At one point in the show, Danielle and I noticed that Michael was barefoot. I thought of the sensations of the connection with our bodies and the Earth that Brian and I had when we “earthing it” in Thailand for ten days. I later learned that Michael has been earthing (not wearing shoes) since 2000 (yes, really).

michael franti basilica block party

Michael Franti giving great music and energy to the crowd while barefoot.

I’m not a believer in labeling music but the best description of the style of Michael’s music is blend of reggae, jazz, and pop. But the difference between Michael’s songs and most “pop” music is that each line of each song has true meaning. Michael’s fresh sound is certainly unique.

Danielle and I laughed, danced, jumped (literally!), sweat, and cried (especially during Michael’s song about his 16 year old son who was recently diagnosed with a rare kidney disease… Michael, the Lucid Practice community’s prayers are with your son!) during Michael’s hour and a half set.

michael franti guitar

Michael Franti radiates strong and loving energy ~~ it is so easy to connect with him.

Experience a Preview of Michael Franti songs:

Sound of Sunshine

I’m Alive

Say Hey (I love you)

A little more of a reggae feel:
East to the West

Here are a few powerful lines from the above Michael Franti song:

Music’s too large for just one station
Love is too big for just one nation
God is too big for just one religion

Here’s an interview with Michael talking about how he practices yoga with fans before concerts:

Danielle was recently awarded a fellowship, she’ll be in China for nine months. This concert was a special experience and helped us grow closer together at an important time in our relationship.

tim danielle michael franti concert

Feeling grateful after the show for attending an incredible concert.

Michael Franti as an Inspiration to All!

I hope this post serves as an inspiration for our readers to listen to Michael and spread his message far and wide. I encourage everyone to go a Michael Franti concert and to listen to Michael Franti and the Spearheads!

Michael, thank you for a great show. Your message of love, oneness, and being alive…. of being connected to our fellow humans….it’s needed today. The more people who are attuned to oneness, the better will be our world.

michael franti concert

We are all one!

We’d love to hear from anyone who is a Michael Franti fan in the comments section!

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