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Earthing in Thailand

Earthing in Thailand

While Brian & I were in Thailand, we did a “10 day challenge” where we did not wear shirts, socks, or shoes/sandals.  Barefoot and shirtless and it was liberating!  Living barefoot is known as earthing and there are numerous physical and mental health benefits.

Earthing in Thailand

Paz & Brian practicing Hatha Yoga at Rory Trollen’s Yoga Retreat in Koh Phangan, Thailand

When it was time to leave Thailand, we contemplated heading to the Bangkok airport barefoot but realized we did not want to run into negative energy with the authorities.

Going barefoot can help connect you to the Earth’s healing energies. As humans, we are made up of electrons — the Earth is also made up of electrons. It also helps you to remember to “be here now” as each step isn’t buffered by a layers of cotton and rubber.

Connected, relaxed, alive, and alert…. all feelings that earthing provided us with.

Have you ever practiced earthing for an extended period of time?

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