4 Jun

An Unusual Indian City

Pune is in East India only 75 miles from the financial center of Mumbai, and, unusually for India, it has great transportation and nothing like the traffic problems of other Indian cities. It feels new, fresh and almost Californian in its energy and, unlike 99% of Indian roads, the Mumbai Pune Expressway is a joy to drive down.

“A small city compared to other Indian metro cities, Pune has historically been a center for education and research. Today, it is also one of the top manufacturing hubs in India,” says Amit Paranjape, co-founder of PuneTech.com, the city’s leading online tech community.

Thanks to Monty Munford of Mashable.com



Culture/Demographics: One of the city’s cuisine specialties is a thick milkshake w/ dried fruit. Population is ~5,000,000. Pune has become a hub for colleges and universities including Symbiosis Institute of International Buisiness which is one of the top management schools in India.

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