11 Oct

The Rasta Man and His Otter in Railay Beach, Thailand

The Pet Otter on Railay Beach, Thailand

Two years ago when we were traveling in Railay Beach, Thailand we met a Rastafarian who had a pet otter. It has to be one of the cooler friendships I have ever seen. During the day the otter would go into the ocean, swim around, and always come back at night. The owner had him trained as if he were a border collie. At night, most people would come congregate in the Rasta bar and everyone who wanted to could pet and hang with his otter.

On a peninsula that features hundreds of exotic bird species and a thriving, accessible community of baby monkeys, this otter was the most fascinating form of wildlife. Anytime the owner wanted to get up and go somewhere, the otter would automatically stop what he was doing and follow him. It was wild.

Railay was an awesome beach destination on our trip to Southeast Asia. It was really, really, really laid back. We spent nearly a week there just reading and enjoying the local people.

Private hotel rooms in the rainy season were no more than $20 US per night. You can find dorm rooms for under $10 US.

The Railay Beach otter chillin’ on my sandals. 

Railay beach Rasta Man and his otter

The Rasta and his Otter

Railay beach Rasta Man and his otter

A view of the Phra Nang Beach (behind Railay, on the same peninsula) from a fish tail boat

Railay beach limestone cliffs

Food stalls on Railay Beach East

Food on Railay beach

Railay Beach is famous for its massive rock formations and world class rock climbing

Rock Climbing on railay beach thailand

One of the massive rock formations just off of Phra Nang Beach 

Rock Climbing on Railay beach

Ever been to Railay Beach, Thailand?  Let us know what your experience was like!

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