24 Apr

The beginning- BL

Lucid Practice is a “journaling blog.” Many people say journaling is a great way to capture emotions, feelings and the day to day blessings of this life. I journaled all of last year but in a personal journal. I want to get something online so that I will always have a feed to look back on. I also want to create an open book of my life. I am excited to embark on this journey to take my consciousness deeper. I want to describe and journal everything from my practice aka my daily thoughts, activities, books/websites read, to some of my opinions on faith, power, fame, and life. It hopefully will be a long fun road and it hopefully will lead to more awareness. Cultivating awareness of the true meanings of happiness in my life is a constant beautiful practice.

Why Lucid Practice?

I think consciousness is the most important (or one of the most important) facets a man or woman can have. If you are conscious you are aware of your health, posture, breathe, meditations, relations, sleep cycles, positive energy, negative energy and diet among many other things.

Practice is life. Everything in life is practice. Life in a way is a consistent practice to stay happy.

Buddhists say life is suffering but if you practice cultivating consciousness life should be beautiful.

These are some of my initial feelings….I will get deeper into my thoughts as life moves forward….



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