1 Jul

USA vs. Belgium: #AreYouReady

Via U.S. Soccer

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One thought on “USA vs. Belgium: #AreYouReady

  1. Paz says:


    Cool video…. congrats to the Belgians, an impressive win. The Belgian players are machines, I noticed that a few of them were not even sweating during the second half of the game.

    Also, the Belgians won w/ class. I especially appreciated when De Bruyne (#7) stopped the game & helped Jones (US player who got smashed in the face w/ the ball) up, knowing that he was playing w/ a broken nose.

    Lukaku (player who scored 2nd goal for Belgium) looked like a man amongst boys in terms of size, strength, athleticism, etc. I looked up his height/weight… 6’3″ 220lbs…. made me wonder what would happen if guys like Lebron James, Adrian Peterson, or any runningback/forward in the NFL/NBA were to play soccer (or hockey for that matter!) instead of basketball/football.

    As we know, American football is the most popular sport in the US. With the US’ success in the World Cup coupled w/ the perceived health dangers of American football, it will be interesting to see if soccer starts to gain popularity in the US.

    This was the first World Cup I’ve followed closely, I had a blast watching the US & I’m excited to watch the rest of the tournament.

    True to form, as they said they would in the above video, the US played hard until the end. Your countrymen appreciate your efforts! Thanks for a great run!

    Congrats, positive energy, & good fortune to the classy Belgian squad!


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