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Heart Warming Events

Heart Warming Events, Baptisms, Weddings, Wakes

“Event” is a good word… it’s definition: an occurrence or incident, especially of significance.

As a Deacon (capital D) I am involved in significant events in people’s lives: Baptisms, Weddings, Wakes. I’m not classifying Mass as an event – it’s in a separate category, because it involves the larger community rather than individual families.

A Deacon’s Thoughts on Baptisms

Baptisms are by far the most enjoyable; we’re celebrating new life, physical and spiritual.  There’s much JOY!!!

A Deacon’s Thoughts on Weddings

Weddings are the least “fulfilling” for me, although I truly enjoy walking with the couple especially in the preparation for their marriage.  But the Wedding Day, since it is the most significant day in the lives of the couple, is filled with tension.  Not all bad, of course.  There’s so much planning of every detail that it becomes fraught with tension.  Everything is expected to work out perfectly as planned. (Which, as we know, is not true to life!)

A Deacon’s Thoughts on Wakes

I feel most fulfilled at Wakes.  The mourners are very close to God in that situation. I feel that I can help them in the connection with God.

Concluding Thoughts on Heart Warming Events

Baptisms are more physically “draining” of my energy.  I do a lot of moving around, using physical energy.  At Wakes, on the other hand, I just stand there – little physical movement on my part, much more passive, as befits the “event”!~  Weddings would be in the middle – some physical energy expended.

Emotional energy for all 3 is about equal, although I emote more at Baptisms, as is the nature of the joyful event.”

This piece was written by our Dear Friend, Bob Campbell. Bob has contributed on Lucid Practice a lot over the past few months. We are extremely grateful!

It never ceases to amaze me how funerals and wakes put life into perspective. On those days as Bob says,  mourners are very close to God.” After losing a loved one, I certainly feel drawn to a higher power.

I love divine messages sent reminding us of an old friend or family members spirit. It seems that a person may move on physically but their Spirit stays with the people they touched. 

Have you experienced similar feelings at these types of life events?

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